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Covid-19 Emergency Solidarity Donation

In light of the health emergency in both Italy and the rest of the world, which is putting a huge strain on medical facilities as they treat people suffering from the Covid-19 virus, we have taken action by making donations to health organisations in order to provide vitally needed medical devices and equipment.

The bulk of our efforts have focused on the hospitals in Imola, Pesaro and Bergamo; like Imola, the latter two are home to Cefla manufacturing branches, highlighting the importance of one of our core values: close support for the communities we operate in.

More specifically, we responded to an appeal by the Imola Hospital, which needed modern, versatile diagnostic equipment to monitor patients who have been hospitalised by the Coronavirus infection and are bedridden. We responded by purchasing an innovative portable system that features a high-productivity digital X-ray unit, specifically designed for use in inpatient wards, ICUs and operating theatres. Moreover, to help the same hospital provide early home treatment, we loaned a fleet of four Cefla cars, specifically equipped for use as mobile home care units by doctor-nurse teams.

For Pesaro Hospital we donated three diagnostic monitors. Part of a wider display system, these connect to a control unit that performs continuous monitoring of patients’ vital signs. We also donated 350 protective visors designed to shield doctors and nurses’ eyes and mouths.

Bergamo Hospital lies in the area most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic; for them we purchased an ultrasound unit to which at least three probes can be simultaneously connected; we also contributed to the establishment of a field hospital by providing 30 metres of metal shelving to furnish the emergency pharmacy in the hospital itself.

Additionally, we donated 40 electro-ventilated protection systems to the Careggi Hospital in Florence; consisting of masks with respirator and overalls, these were transferred from the warehouse at our Cefla/Cemsa work site at the New Uffizi Gallery. Lastly, we also made a small donation to the Rimini Red Cross by delivering a container for equipment needed to deal with Covid-19 medical emergencies.

In the face of the health emergency that has so suddenly hit our country, we felt it was our duty to support those working on the front line. Together, by drawing on the core values of sharing and strong ties with the communities in which we operate, we wanted to show we’re there for the hospitals of Imola, Pesaro, Bergamo and Florence by donating urgently needed medical equipment and devices” concludes Gianmaria Balducci, President of Cefla.

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