Focusing on well-being and professional development

Whether in professional or personal life, we believe well-being to be fundamental.
Belief in one’s work, a feeling of accomplishment, growing through what one learns – and teaches – every day: these are the goals we tirelessly pursue through continuous self-improvement.

We’ve been in business for over 85 years. We embrace change and are constantly innovating, yet remain faithful to our core values and identity. This approach has made us an international multi-business Group employing over 2,000 people with a shared passion: working well, working together.

Gain wide-ranging experience in a multi-business company.


We firmly believe that sharing knowledge and understanding is the key to achieving excellence. That’s why we built the CEFLA Auditorium at our headquarters in Imola. This dynamic facility, with a seating capacity of 450, hosts assemblies, workshops, meetings and training days: in short, internal and external activities that aim to promote business, the cooperative, information and culture.

Working Environment

The environment plays a pivotal role in our everyday lives, a fact that we try to take into account in everything we do.

For years now, we’ve been promoting a culture of energy sustainability among our personnel. For example, the “I love Energy” initiative promoted by the Engineering Business Unit seeks to reduce waste through shrewd management of everything from heating and cooling systems to waste.


We believe that quality of life and health are inextricably linked, that’s why Cefla provides support to our employees and their families. Through our extensive programs we offer insurance coverage that offers choices to meet the needs of our employees.

In addition, throughout our offices we offer various ways to enhance personal well-being such as contributing to programs for children and funding other health/sport activities.


A true system of equality is founded on fair and proper acknowledgement of what one brings to the table. That’s why we’ve put together a ‘map’ of our personnel, not just according to ‘job classification’ but also their actual skills, the contribution they make to the business and their development potential.