We’re a multi-business, multi-brand cooperative consisting of five Business Units – in which you’ll find a range of professions – with core skills that are interchangeable from one business unit to another.

Cefla Engineering

We design, implement and manage complex systems and plants designed to ensure both indoor comfort and energy efficiency, with personal well-being and environmental awareness our top priorities. Customers can count on close support from our team, from initial feasibility studies to system design, construction, management and maintenance.

Cefla Shopfitting

We create Retail Design solutions to optimise sales outlet performance. Here, our personnel perform store design/proximity marketing tasks and produce shop furniture to improve the shopping experience within both OLSRT and smaller, specialised shops.

Cefla Finishing

We specialise in the coating, decoration and digital printing of wood and its derivatives. We design and build tailor-made “turnkey” production lines for the wooden product manufacturing industry. We also lead the way in the glass, plastic, fibre cement, composite materials and metal sectors. Our personnel carry out R&D on customers’ materials in a wide range of industries: from construction to furniture, from aerospace to automotive.

Cefla Medical Equipment

We’re Europe’s leading manufacturer of dental units. We design new medical devices and build partnerships with the medical industry to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards: dental units, X-ray units, sterilizers, implants and accessories plus dynamic instruments.

Cefla Lighting

We represent Cefla in the Lighting sector by providing cutting-edge LED technology, archi-tech lighting and wireless connectivity. We manufacture personalised LED modules for a range of industries, such as Horticulture, Retail, Contract, Industrial & Office, Outdoor and Architectural.