Cefla Shopfitting and C-LED introduce the shop of the future at Euroshop 2017

Cefla Shopfitting e C-LED a Euroshop2017


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The main Retail event is in Düsseldorf where Euroshop 2017 will host international food and non-food shopfitting players.

For over two decades Cefla has been taking part in Euroshop and at the 2017 edition will be presenting the shop of the future and one of its key products: SMART SHELVING SYSTEM, the modular system that compacts the display - but without reducing display space.

Cefla Shopfitting HALL 14 – STAND 14/A01-A02

The Smart Shelving System is served

Cefla Shopfitting. We design your future.

Ergonomic, compact, highly flexible display system with a low voltage power supply that puts the display in contact with the customer's smartphone.

- Transforms the display from passive to interactive.
- Integration with Proximity Marketing systems.
- Recovery of vertical and horizontal space.
- Compatibility with wire furnishing solutions.
- Individually removable structure base.
- Central backpanel with easy-to-use modular set-up.
- Simplified electrification and clip-in.

Our products are designed to enhance every aspect of the "shopping experience" via user-friendliness, ergonomics, visual merchandising and industrial design technology.
We manufacture a wide range of modular furnishings for the modern retail trade: from shelving to checkouts, from shopping trolleys to display unit lighting, from P.o.P. materials to the retail outlet concept.


Digital Shelf System: LED shelf lighting

DIGITAL SHELF SYSTEM is the all-new shelf lighting and digitalisation system.

A system open to infinite, integrated digital applications; complete and modular, DIGITAL SHELF SYSTEM features simplified power distribution along the entire shelf, providing low-voltage current all the way to the extremities of the highest shelf; a unique unobtrusive system that allows utilisation and integration of different applications without the restrictions of battery power.

- Electrical power is available along the full length of the shelf.
- Simplified plug & play installation.
- Modular system, imperceptible and unobtrusive as it is fully incorporated in the shelf.
- Designed for all Cefla shelving lines.
- Retrofittable: can be integrated on existing shelving perfectly.
- Development and production 100% Made in Cefla.
- Outstanding component quality control.

Visit the C-LED website and see light in a whole new light.

A forward-thinking innovator and developer of LED technology, C-LED aims to be an effective partner for businesses operating in the public lighting, visual merchandising and interior design sectors.
Our plus-points: a strict quality control policy, a capacity to carry out customisation requests and fast delivery of products after order placement.


Founded as a spin-off of Elca Technologies – a Cefla company specialising in electronic systems for industrial automation, medical devices and lighting – C-LED encompasses a full array of skills developed over the years and has an all-new, cutting-edge production line.

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Cefla Shopfitting e C-LED a Euroshop2017
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