Cefla Lighting. Light… in a new light.

The Lighting Business Unit represents Cefla in the lighting and wireless connectivity sectors, bringing with it the know-how developed over recent years within the lighting industry itself, as a natural evolution of C-LED.

The Lighting Business Unit operates in seamless synergy with partners and customers to develop technologies, such as those dedicated to the Growing market, and works in close collaboration with major Italian and international research centres.

The Lucifero’s brand it is specialised in the development of custom solutions, primarily in the Architecture and Retail Design sectors.

Dedicated to the innovation and development of LED technology, Cefla Lighting produces linear and circular LED modules – personalising size and geometry, colour temperature and chromatic yield – for numerous sectors such as Horticulture (greenhouse and indoor growing), Retail, Contract, Industrial & Office, Outdoor and Architecture.

The Lighting Business Unit works in perfect synergy with the other long-standing business units such as Cefla Plant Solutions and Cefla Shopfitting and also makes a contribution to the high-tech products of Cefla Medical Equipment and Cefla Finishing.

Helping our customers create value thanks to LED-powered products and innovative services that use unique smart technologies.

Brand di Cefla Lighting

Designs and produces customised electronic applications for the lighting and wireless connectivity fields.


Leading manufacturer of high quality archi-tech lighting solutions that are entirely made in Italy.


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