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Cefla Group closes another positive year

The 2019 consolidated financial statements confirm another satisfactory year for the Cefla Group and its 5 Business Units: total revenues exceeded 585 million euro (+5% on the previous year) achieved with an export share of 50%.
Despite the economic slowdown last year, Cefla has continued to grow, thanks to an investment strategy aimed at enhancing competitiveness in its reference markets.

The consolidated EBITDA figure was close to 51 million euro, net of more than 12 million prudential write-downs originating from the difficult global economic scenario in which the Group operates; the Group has nonetheless promoted and financed major capital expenditures on product and process innovation in all BUs, allocating over 12 million euro for product research, development, functional and design improvements, expansion of the product range, re-engineering of processes and projects for the exploration and start-up of new activities.
Once again in 2019, over 600 intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and designs have obtained the Patent Box prior agreement with the Revenue Agency – acknowledging a constant commitment to Research and Development.

President Gianmaria Balducci personally thanked the 2,000 workers, members, employees and executives for achieving the objectives which allowed the Group to strengthen its position within the markets in which it has been operating since 1932.

Cefla has always overcome challenges thanks to its ability to create value over time through diversified skills, solidity and capacity for innovation. In 2020, despite the uncertain scenario determined by the Covid-19 outbreak, the Cefla Group will continue to invest in products, technology and customer service while maintaining its closeness to markets in order to seize all future opportunities for recovery.


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