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Cefla Engineering joins forces with Bloom Energy to accelerate Italy’s energy transition

At the Ecomondo fair held in Rimini, the Engineering Business Unit officially presented its partnership with Bloom Energy (NYSE:BE), a US company based in San Jose, California, that designs, builds and deploys new Fuel Cell systems.

The agreement will see multiple MW of solid oxide fuel cell Energy Servers deployed in Italy by 2025. This will help Italian companies transition from traditional combustion-based sources of energy to fuel cells that efficiently meet critical energy needs, thus broadening the range of clean energy available to Italian companies.

The Fuel Cell are devices that make it possible to transform hydrogen, natural gas and other green fuels, such as biogas, into electricity without any combustion occurring, thus reducing CO2 emissions in compliance with EU-set decarbonization goals.

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Cefla Engineering will have the task of installing and maintaining Bloom’s Energy Servers, high-efficiency systems that allow users to address the gas reduction requirement recently approved by European Union energy ministers. Compared to grid-supplied power, Bloom’s technology reduces carbon emissions, with near-zero harmful smog-forming particulate matter.

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“The partnership with Bloom Energy is a source of great pride for us at Cefla and further strengthens our leadership position on the Italian energy market”, stated Gianmaria Balducci during the official presentation held at Ecomondo-Key Energy. “It will be a major driver for the continued development of key innovations in the field of sustainability, and for continued investment in this sector through projects that are in line with Green Deal policies and the energy transition. At a time when Europe is in dire need of overcoming its energy shortage, implementing the most efficient technologies is crucial, and Fuel Cells are unquestionably innovative, even more so as the absence of combustion helps reduce polluting emissions”.

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