Annual Report 2014

The 2014 Annual Report, published almost 10 years after the last annual report, covers a crucial year for our cooperative.
It was a year of changes and successes that demonstrated Cefla’s ability to adapt to market shifts and to socio-economic changes, while staying focused on the future.

With the publication of the 2014 Annual Report we wish to focus on our company, its identity, its unique and distinct qualities, and outline future scenarios, starting with the profound changes we have introduced. Cefla changes, and it does so because change is part of its nature.
Thanks to this inherent drive, Cefla has always kept up with the times, often being ahead of them. The engine of growth and change in our company, strongly promoted and supported also by the Board of Directors, is now innovation: we talk about technological innovation and product innovation, but also about process innovation, that is change in corporate culture, organisation and management. It is essential to create an environment in which innovation is promoted and encouraged, in which people can feel inspired.
Eros Nanni
Direttore Generale Cefla
"All of us – all the people who contribute to Cefla’s growth day after day – should learn to recognise the power that comes from combining our forces and skills, our abilities to come up with new ideas and to innovate."

Download Annual Report 2014 (pdf file)