What drives us to keep doing more is the determination to provide benefits for our consumers.

It is only by understanding what is happening around us that we can choose the right path. So dialoguing with those who benefit from what we do becomes a new challenge.

In this dialogue, we wish to play the role of “Benefits Explorer”: using the skills we have acquired and our vocation for improvement, we aim to discover what people need, explore solutions that generate real advantages and, finally, deliver these benefits to the consumer.

We have established ourselves year after year because we live your objectives as if they were our own: when satisfaction is shared its worth more than doubles.

Cefla consists of 4 Business Units. Each has its own history of success, products and innovations. Yet they are all part of a shared quest for improvement in which partnerships and skills interact to generate excellence and ensure satisfaction for all our customers and stakeholders.



Cefla was founded in Imola in 1932, where it has grown and become solidly established as the large multi-business group it is today, turning its diversity into its very strength.


Cefla Impianti Group (now Cefla Engineering) founded, specialising in electrical and thermohydraulic systems

1932 | Cefla


Cefla Arredamenti Group (Cefla Shopfitting) founded

1950 | Cefla


Cefla Finishing Group (now Cefla Finishing) founded

1964 | Cefla


Start of Cefla internationalisation process

1980 | Cefla


Cefla Dental Group (Cefla Medical Equipment) founded

1998 | Cefla


Cefla confirms its leadership in the four areas of business

2000 | Cefla


Cefla is a company with a solid recognised identity that operates around the world in various business sectors and believes in the value of sharing

2015 | Cefla


C-LED is created, operating in the LED lighting sector and developing technologies for growing and wireless connectivity

2016 | Cefla


Cefla celebrates its 85th anniversary

2017 | Cefla


A new Business Unit sees the light: Cefla Lighting

2018 | Cefla


Our new Tagline ‘Making Your Life Better’ is born

2019 | Cefla


Today Cefla is a company with a solid recognised identity that operates around the world in various business sectors and believes in the values of sharing,
of getting involved and of doing business with people, of staying close to territories in which it invests, making the group stronger and the clients more secure. The Business Units combine skills and ability to achieve shared objectives in their respective sectors, united by a common project in which networks of relationships and talents complement each other and support each other.
This is strength that comes from doing things together: a valuable legacy, a baton to be passed on from one generation to the next.


“It’s not about setting an objective as a predictive outcome. It’s rather a relentless, purposeful pursuit of value creation.”


“Creating value over time.”

This is Cefla’s MISSION, the spirit that moves us into the future every day, through product innovation and the evolution of processes with the desire to always find a benefit for the consumer.
The growth drivers that sustain our mission are internationalisation, digitalisation and servitisation. These principles, shared by all BUs, have guided us since 1932, and inspire our future.

At Cefla, we see “Making Your Life Better” as a promise

a promise that means improving people's lives, getting involved with the way they think.


“Making” refers to an innate capacity of Cefla, a manufacturing tradition that has been with us for decades.
“Making” also involves transformation. In other words, Cefla simultaneously “makes something” and “makes it into something else”.

Your Life

“Your Life” refers to every one of our stakeholders’ lives, especially the final consumers’. We speak to them directly, creating close relationships that are strengthened every day.


“Better” is the effect these relationships aim to generate: improving people’s lives in various ways by providing products that truly make a difference.