About us

We have one objective: to never lose sight of yours.

Experience, expertise and innovative spirit have always contributed to our company's growth.

We have established ourselves year after year because we live your objectives as if they were our own: when satisfaction is shared its worth more than doubles.
We take particular care of those who choose us and safeguard our human resources, which are Cefla's heart and capital: shareholders and employees ever more united to become your best partners.

The future written in the origins

Cefla, by its innate nature, has always been a company deeply rooted in its territory: a company that has grown in Imola (Italy) and has become established while maintaining its territorial ties until becoming a multi-business group whose strength lies in its diversity.


Cefla Impianti Group (now Plant Solutions) founded, specialising in electrical and thermohydraulic systems.


Cefla Arredamenti Group (Shopfitting Solutions) founded.


Cefla Finishing Group (Finishing Solutions) founded.


Start of Cefla internationalisation process.


Cefla Dental Group (Medical Solutions) founded.


Cefla confirms its leadership in the four areas of business.


Today Cefla is a company with a solid recognised identity that operates around the world in various business sectors and believes in the value of sharing.

Cefla today

Today Cefla is a company with a solid recognised identity that operates around the world in various business sectors and believes in the values of sharing,
of getting involved and of doing business with people, of staying close to territories in which it invests, making the group stronger and the clients more secure. The 4 Business Units combine skills and ability to achieve shared objectives in their respective sectors, united by a common project in which networks of relationships and talents complement each other and support each other.

This is strength that comes from doing things together: a valuable legacy, a baton to be passed on from one generation to the next.

WE ARE CEFLA is the inspiration behind our vision:



This is the spirit that drives the group day after day into the future through product innovation and process evolutions, and forms a strategic objective for all four business units.

This is a group that in recent years has fearlessly taken on new challenges and undergone changes, and that today is heading down an innovative path of renewal and pursuing a more responsible and shared vision.


Today, Cefla's most important objective is to concretise our vision of the future. This means defining our guidelines for the coming years

as applied to strategy, organisation and investments. We are translating this vision into a new organisational structure,

which will be providing the necessary support to our company's evolution.

After a thorough analysis, with the support of experts in governance structures and corporate organisation, we decided to grow out of Cefla's historical divisional model and adopt a new organisational structure that may be defined as"centralised divisional model with process integrators". The theoretical model will be built upon three pillars: CULTURE, what Cefla does best, which leads to the definition of a STRATEGY, based on which our ORGANISATION will be modelled.


A strong corporate direction and control will give a boost to the entire Group in defining its strategies and objectives.


We share processes in order to achieve improved synergy and efficiency, with corporate culture based on shared “best practices”.


We render the business units’ organisational structures more homogeneous, and in order to facilitate the growth of this shared culture we introduce new managerial figures, which we call “knowledge integrators”, responsible for group-wide adherence of all business units to corporate-approved processes, methods, procedures and tools.

Competence and passion

Cefla has always kept pace with market trends by identifying new opportunities and new challenges, all part of a solid development plan shared by all its business units.
Thanks to skill improvement and direct involvement of all employees, from production teams to the sales force and to service and management personnel, Cefla has reached over the years ever higher quality standards, providing attentive continuity to clients and partners. Team spirit drives our growth and continuous innovation.


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