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1987 – The opening of new building in Via Selice

Following the 70’s and the early 80’s Cefla experienced a fruitful five-year period which ended in the opening of the new building in Via Selice in Imola. From 1983 to 1987 turnover rose from 28 billion to 75 billion Lira. The headcount went from 262 to 384.

With a surface area of 48,000 sqm also comprising the Office Buildings, the new industrial site was conceived for the Plant and Shopfitting divisions. The Via Serraglio site (just 35,000 sqm) maintained the Painting division’s activities.

For the first time in Cefla’s history, the company was located in 2 separate sites.

One can hardly say that today Cefla is rooted to one single location. For a host of reasons and due to the dynamic nature of the company, there are frequent relocations.

Today’s head offices are in Via Selice where the industrial activities of #CeflaShopfitting and #CeflaEngineering continue. In the modern plant just a stone’s throw from the A14 motorway, #CeflaFinishing and #CeflaMedicalEquipment occupy the factory and offices.

#CLED, , the fifth Business Unit founded in 2016 involved in the design and development of high-tech electronic applications for lighting and wireless connectivity, is situated in a third industrial area in Imola.

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