Team Cefla 90 anniversario - Shaping history together

1932-2022: 90 years of our story since the foundation

Everything began on 4 May 1932 when 4 tinsmiths, 3 plumbers and 2 electricians, each contributing a business share of 100 Italian Lire, set up the ‘Cooperativa Elettricisti, Fontanieri, Lattonieri e Affini’ (i.e. Cooperative of Electricians, Plumbers, Tinsmiths and Related Trades or CEFLA) of Imola.

In 2022 Cefla celebrates its 90th anniversary since the foundation, a memorable milestone achieved through the hard work of all those who have been part of the company over the years.

When we commenced in 1932 in a small workshop located in the historical centre of Imola, at “Porta Montanara”, we never imagined we would reach such heights. Starting with a team of 9 founders – Astorri Armando, Bernardi Nazzareno, Camaggi Giacomo, Cicognani Attilio, Giacometti Domenico, Galassi Riccardo, Mazzini Gustavo, Rafuzi Giuseppe and Silimbani Mario – today our workforce counts about 1,800 people in various locations around the world.

Ever focused on the future, we faced the many challenges we found along our path with commitment, awareness and dedication. We have thus come so far. Several generations of workers have succeeded each other from 1932 to date, inheriting the commitment and dreams of their predecessors. Following the natural process of change, Cefla has always pursued its mission of “creating value over time”.

Shifting from one millennium to the other, our Business UnitsEngineering, Finishing, Medical Equipment and C-Led – continue their activities with the final goal of improving the lives of people around us, each featuring unique and differentiating traits.


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