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System25 Salute&Bellezza

System25 Salute&Bellezza is the perfect store shelving solutions for parapharmacies, pharmacies and perfumeries: the right merchandising for every product.

Complete range of solutions for parapharmacies, pharmacies and perfumeries.

Display counters, wall shelving, chests of drawers and gondolas with glass shelves, brackets with extractable shelves and show-cases: the right merchandising for every product.

Subtle colours and innovative display solutions guarantee the maximum visibility and continuity for parapharmaceutical products and items with small packaging.

Corners and focal points can be created within the store to bring dynamism to the space available and add prestige to the products on display.

Display structures with variable depths and differentiated capacities allow use of the appropriate shelve and surfaces for every type of product offered.

Columns: 6x3 cm, H from 105 to 300 cm

Base and base shelf: in steel plate, wood or glass, with or without baseboard

Non food bracket: from 20 to 50 cm

Aluminium profile for fixing on outside/inside of column

Back panels in: wood, Plexiglas and fabric

Counter back show-cases, brackets with extractable shelves, chests of drawers

Communications: end or side sheets and slanted canopies



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